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What people are saying

Taylor Facen

Taylor Facen


I joined the Builders and Founders groups because it gives me the extra motivation I need to take my app building more seriously.

Robin Cussol

Robin Cussol


The Creators group pushed me to do something on some days when I thought I would not have time (when really I just needed to take 10 minutes to at least do something).

Jessica Creg

Jessica Creg


The Builders group was incredibly useful. Thank you for the help in resetting some of my habits β™₯️

Abhi Pillai

Abhi Pillai


The reason I joined the Builders group was mostly for the community. And I think that accomplished that goal 100%. The small group setting is way better to create a closer connection with folks than Slack/Discords.

Garrett Lovell

Garrett Lovell


I love these groups. First thing that’s helped me make real progress so many thanks.


What if I go on vacation or need a rest day?

Go for it! Time off is important. The only rule is to post an update.

Same applies if something comes up for work or you just can't find time to work on your thing.

For those days, you might say:

  • "🐚 6/10 Taking the day off to rest"
  • "🐚 6/10 Vacation day with family/friends"
  • "🐚 6/10 Busy with work. Didn't have time to work on [project]."

When does the update need to be posted?

Anytime between 12:00am and 11:59pm your local time (unless you set a custom day start)! It's okay if you're a night owl but your update must be posted once each day.

For instance, if it's June 10 at 11:50pm and you post an update, that counts for June 10. But if you stay up later and post on June 11 at 12:30am, then that counts for June 11.

Can I work on multiple things during the round?

Of course! Do what works best for you.

Do I have to tweet my updates?

Nope! That's optional. Your only requirement is to post your daily update in the Telegram group.

What happens to the money from missed updates?

We keep it! Obviously our goal is to see you succeed but also to find a sustainable business model. By charging per seat we're able to generate revenue even if you don't miss any days.

Why are you using Telegram instead of [Slack, Discord, etc.]?

We chose Telegram because we feel it fits small groups better than a Slack/Discord. It also is:

  • free platform
  • free to use API
  • bot support
  • cross-platform
  • feature-rich including scheduled messages, voice/video chats like Clubhouse, etc

Although we can't promise anything, we may support other platforms in the future. If this is important to you, let us know by emailing

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